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Ecophon is a leading supplier of acoustic solutions. We contribute to healthier indoor environments, improving quality of life, wellbeing and working performance. As evolution has adapted the human senses to a life outdoors, our focus is to bring the ideal acoustic environments of nature into our modern indoor spaces. We know they will have a sound effect on people.

Ecophon has its roots in Sweden and has played an active role in acoustic standards and research networks in many countries for almost 50 years. We use the knowledge gained when developing our unique acoustic solutions. With them people can learn more when in school, thrive and develop at work and recover when in care. 

At Ecophon, we have a fundamental respect for people and care strongly about all their environments. We take great pride in ensuring that our business is sustainable, inside and out. That is why we continuously strive to improve production techniques, materials used, and everything else that adds to our environmental footprint.


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With our acoustic knowledge and wide range of systems, colors and edges, we can help you find a solution that contributes to the end user's wellbeing and the success of your project

Mario Specker

CEO Akustikmodular / Business Unit Manager Ecophon Switzerland
Phone: +41 71 929 10 80

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Acoustics - our favorite subject!

We know sound. We get involved in research projects about sound, conduct our own tests, have constant dialogues with acousticians and people who are affected by sound in some way. Moreover, we know how sound affects people. If you need assistance with your project, just contact us and we’ll help you to design acoustic environments that optimize the outcome of people’s activities.

University of Lodz
Enhance teaching and learning

Today much of the education process takes place in spaces that are not optimized for this purpose. Studies show that a poor sound environment can lead to increased stress and vocal problems among teachers, while also having a negative impact on students and affecting their behavior, reading ability, memory and ultimately their test scores. Ecophon has both the acoustic knowledge and the solutions to create healthy environments that support teaching and learning, in every kind of school and in every kind of space.

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