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Ecophon is the leading provider of room acoustics solutions that improve work performance and quality of life. It is our conviction that acoustics have a huge influence on our daily lives, and we are passionate advocates for the significance of room acoustics for people’s wellbeing. The effect of ambient sound on people is the principle that guides everything we do.

We are proud of our Swedish heritage and the human approach that forms the basis of all our activities. This includes an uncompromising commitment to comprehensive and transparent sustainable practice.

As experts in room acoustics, we advise our customers professionally and individually and deliver the best solution for their specific needs. This made possible by the wide product range we offer. Our modular acoustic ceilings are complemented by free-hanging ceiling elements, baffles and wall solutions. The premium-quality, sustainably produced Ecophon products are compelling not only in terms of their acoustic performance. They also stand out for their first-class design and flexibility and offer plenty of scope for creative interior design.


Michael Krüsi

It is our conviction at Ecophon that room acoustics are an integral part of a good learning and working environment and contribute to health and success. It is our pleasure to support you in your planning with our expertise and an outstanding range of sustainable acoustic solutions.

Michael Krüsi

General Manager Ecophon Schweiz
Phone: +41 71 929 10 80
Email: info@ecophon.ch

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The sound of nature in the office
The sound of nature in the office

Noise is the number one stress factor in the office. As we go about our daily office work, it is often the completely normal noises that bother us. Offices need to provide space for a wide range of activities, so it is essential to consider the design of suitable environments for these different activities and sensitivities. The room acoustics influence them all. Pleasant acoustics don’t just mean feeling comfortable. They also help us perform better. The less we are disturbed, the more productive, efficient and creative we become. That’s why Ecophon has been working for over 50 years to develop indoor environments that emulate what we experience in nature. Discover Ecophon solutions for improving room acoustics in offices.

Conditions for successful learning
Conditions for successful learning

Everyone deserves the same opportunity to learn. But some children find it more difficult than others to listen, understand and participate when exposed to distracting sounds. This is especially true for students with special needs in terms of hearing, communication and learning. No one disputes the necessity of optimising learning spaces acoustically. Ecophon solutions help to make lessons easier to understand. They optimise the acoustics in the learning environment, minimising stress and misunderstandings, improving motivation and learning in general and strengthening the relationship with teaching staff. Acoustic solutions that meet the needs of the most vulnerable students benefit everyone. Create better learning environments with intelligent sound design.


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