The company SageGlass

SageGlass is a smart glass that tints on demand or automatically to manage heat, light and glare, while remaining transparent. No heavy-to-maintain mechanical protection is therefore needed to provide energy efficiency to the building. Moreover, the occupants benefit from an optimal amount of natural light and a connection to the outdoors by all weathers. SageGlass also allows for significant savings in energy consumption and can help your building gain credits for a Minergie certification.

The European headquarters of SageGlass is in Flamatt (FR). Alone in Switzerland, SageGlass has already been installed in more than 100 buildings. This smart glass is especially suitable for large new and renovation projects where innovation, sustainability and comfort are key.

SageGlass’ areas of expertise

SageGlass Harmony / Raiffeisenbank
Raiffeisenbank Wallisellen

Thanks to the installation of SageGlass Harmony™, the Raiffeisenbank in Wallisellen was able to implement its requirements for the new building. The flowing tint of SageGlass Harmony™ elegantly combines the use of daylight, transparency and energy management of the building envelope. "The solar as well as thermal protection works as desired and better than hoped” said Roger Felder, Chairman of the Bank Management. 


The life science and medical technology company Hamilton Bonaduz recently opened a new administration and production site in Domat/Ems (GR). The new building’s facade consists of photovoltaic panels and all-glass elements equipped with the smart glass from SageGlass.


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