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Building shells and in particular facade constructions belong to our long-standing core competences. In Switzerland, we have processed over 35 million square metres of MARMORAN facades to date. This enables us to reduce energy consumption, costs and greenhouse gases and to ensure efficiency in construction.

Over 50 years ago, we pioneered the introduction of maxit dry mortar silos including a logistics system. More than two decades ago, we revolutionised the processing of underlay floors. With the innovative Mixmobil technology from Kirchhofer Floor Systems, hundreds of square metres of self-levelling underlay floors can be installed within a few hours, without bowls and without reworking.

It is not enough for us to offer advanced product solutions and services. We are interested in the final result, the successful construction project and the people it connects, from the planner to the building contractor to the satisfied house owner and the satisfied tenant. We will continue to measure ourselves against this in the future.

Bernhard Lanzendörfer

Facade solutions, wall and floor systems belong to our long-standing core competences. In this way, we create well-being for the people who process our products or who live in the buildings erected with them.

Bernhard Lanzendörfer

Phone: +41 56 484 24 24

Saint-Gobain Weber AG

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Saint-Gobain Weber AG

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