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The demand for energy-efficient window and façade solutions is increasing continuously. Because of that even smaller components, such as spacers of insulating glass, are becoming the centre of attention. Their thermal conductivity contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of windows. The SWISSPACER spacer bars have set standards here.

Thanks to the intelligent combination of a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic profile with extremely low thermal conductivity and a completely sealed high-tech foil, the spacers from SWISSPACER are extremely energy-efficient. The warm edge also prevents the formation of condensation on the edge of the glass. This reduces the risk of mold and bacteria formation and creates a healthy living atmosphere. The Swiss rely not only on consistent and reliable quality in their products, but also on a high degree of innovation.

With the SWISSPACER Ultimate, the company owns the leading warm edge spacer on the market. Large insulating glass and window manufacturers rely on the sophisticated quality of the Swiss original.

Matthias Bach

SWISSPACER is a global player offering high added value and supplies a key component for energy-efficient window and façade solutions. The first impression I got from the team, which is very customer-centric and truly dedicated, is impressive. I have managed many businesses at Saint-Gobain, but SWISSPACER is one of a kind.

Matthias Bach

Phone: +41 71 686 92 70

SWISSPACER’s areas of expertise

Möbius Towers, Brüssel (BE)
Möbius Towers, Brussels (BE)

Located along the main axis road of the “Quartier Nord” in Brussels, this project has two sister towers, containing a surface area of 62,000 m². Their ground floors and first floors accommodate, in full transparency and directly linked to the public space, entrances, the entrance hall to a conference room, cafeterias, and function rooms.
SWISSPACER ULTIMATE is in use in both buildings.

Maison Europassive
Maison Europassive, Gambsheim (FR)

Gambsheim, Alsace, has seen the construction of an ambitious building which – in addition to the usual requirements for passive houses – is setting new standards: Europassive® is a trademark of the architecture and planning office KMO from Bouxwiller, around 40 kilometres north-west of Strasbourg. SWISSPACER ULTIMATE spacer bars are fitted in all triple insulating glass. The warm edge spacer bars are among the best currently on the market. They provide an excellent isolated edge composite – with Psi values up to 0.029 W/mK and a correspondingly low Uw value for windows and façades.


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