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We are committed to sustainable construction and our aspiration is to become the world’s leading solution provider for light and sustainable construction.

Shaping a sustainable tomorrow today

For the construction and industrial market, we design, manufacture and distribute materials and integrated solutions – from recyclable building materials, to modular lightweight steel construction systems and smart glass for precise sun protection, to prefabricated wet cells for the bathroom. Our range of solutions covers the complex needs of buildings in which people live, work, learn and much more, ensuring comfort, productivity and safety in people’s lives.

We are very conscious of our responsibility towards the environment. With sustainable, resource-saving construction, we minimise our ecological footprint and make an active contribution to climate protection. Because our goal is to make the world a more liveable and sustainable place – in line with our purpose “Making the world a better home”.

Patrick Maier

«As a partner of Saint-Gobain Switzerland, you connect with companies that are firmly anchored in the Swiss market. Local manufacturing and local knowledge, coupled with the innovative power of a global company with a long tradition, delivers clear strategic advantages for you in every construction project.»

Patrick Maier, CEO Saint-Gobain Switzerland

Bernhard Lanzendörfer

"It is our responsibility to preserve an intact environment for future generations. We are convinced that sustainable construction not only protects the environment in the long term, but also makes good economic sense.”

Bernhard Lanzendörfer, Head of Key Account Management

MBA, many years of experience and contacts in the construction industry, former CEO Saint-Gobain Weber AG, President of Green Building Switzerland, member of the Board of Swiss Construction Industry Federation Dachverband Bauenschweiz, parent group P+H

Saint-Gobain in Switzerland

We have been active in the Swiss market with successful brands since 1937. Firmly anchored in their respective regions, the companies and production facilities are entirely geared to the needs of the Swiss market. As a solution provider, we advise with a high level of systems expertise and place our customers at the centre of all we do.

Our brands


As an expert in room acoustics solutions, Ecophon helps to improve work performance, learning success and quality of life. The effect of ambient sound on people is the principle that guides everything that Ecophon does.


The company is Switzerland’s first manufacturer of insulation materials made from glass wool, with its headquarters and production in Lucens, Canton Vaud. Since its founding in 1937, it has been committed to the continuous development of insulation materials, with a strong focus on sustainability.


The pioneer of dry construction in Europe is Switzerland’s leading producer and supplier of gypsum drywall systems and lightweight steel construction systems and a reliable supporter in the planning and execution of sophisticated solutions for interior design, extensions, additional storeys and exterior wall elements.


Dynamic solar-protection glass darkens manually or automatically to control heat, light and glare. SageGlass remains transparent in every state, connecting the interior to the outside world 365 days a year. Thus SageGlass improves the energy efficiency of the building and comfort for the occupants.

Sanitas Troesch

The bathroom and kitchen specialist offers a comprehensive range of functional and trendy bathroom and kitchen furnishings as well as consulting and services.


Swisspacer spacer bars for insulating glass minimise heat loss. This in turn reduces energy consumption, heating costs and carbon emissions for windows and façades, as well as mitigating condensation and mould formation at the edge of the glass.


Vetrotech’s wide range of high-security glazing protects against fire, attacks with tools or weapons, and explosions, and – combined with other functions – meets the highest expectations.


Building envelopes and façade constructions as well as the specially developed MixMobile technology for floor installation are some of the company’s long-standing core competences. Their range also comprises paving and building products for professionals as well as a broad portfolio of services.


KBS AG has belonged to Weber AG since 2010. Kirchhofer-Boden-Systeme AG (KBS) develops and distributes high-quality building materials for floor systems. Using its unique, specially invented KBS Mix-Mobil trucks, it delivers to building sites across Switzerland.

Constructing a sustainable Future by Saint-Gobain


The platform for the digital magazine is currently available in French and English.

Current topics

Megasol Project
Saint-Gobain extends its sustainable solutions offer for facades in Europe by investing in Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Saint-Gobain and the solar manufacturer Megasol, the European leader in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), announce a strategic partnership. As part of this partnership, Saint-Gobain has acquired a minority stake in Megasol's business unit that develops and manufactures building-integrated photovoltaics at its site in Deitingen in Switzerland.

The partnership enables Saint-Gobain to extend its sustainable solutions offer for façades and to become the leading provider for BIPV façade solutions in Europe, one of the fastest growing segments of façade construction. At the same time, it gives Megasol access to Saint-Gobain’s customer base.

Saint-Gobain Switzerland partnership with NEST underscores focus on innovation and sustainability

Saint-Gobain Switzerland with all its brands is now a NEST partner. NEST is a modular research and innovation building by Empa and Eawag.

At NEST, new technologies and building concepts are tested and developed under real-world conditions and validated in everyday practice.

Saint-Gobain has already been represented at NEST for several years in the field of intelligent shading with Sage Glass. Now the partnership is being extended to a strategic level with the full breadth of Saint-Gobain solutions, for example with reusable glass, humidity-regulating plaster systems or temperature-stabilising full plasterboards. Saint-Gobain and NEST make ideal partners in that both place a consistent focus on innovation and sustainability. “We are delighted that our partnership with NEST will enable us to make an even greater contribution to the sustainable development of the construction industry in Switzerland,” says Patrick Maier, CEO of Saint-Gobain Switzerland.

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